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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Shunammite woman
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019

Shunammite woman

2  King 4:13” 'Behold, you have been careful for us with all this care; what can I do for you?....”

Offering without pain & sacrifice is no offering at all! This is a prophetic word for someone out there!  To begin with don’t allow your flesh to operate, read through your spiritual eyes so that you get benefitted, people get biased when they hear about ‘offering’, remember giving offerings for the work of God is very important and we need to hear about it, if not it would go to trash cans like pizza centres, today people buy food online because the greed is so high.  People don’t bat their eyelids when they shell out their money to buy expensive food and drain their money but yet, think million times to give God.  This is for someone who is reading my devotions daily; yet, not sowed a SEED for the work of God that we do.  Arise!

In the above scripture, we read about a rich, educated, affluent woman who not only opens her door for prophet Elisha to take rest during his ministry journey, but she also built a separate ‘resting room’ for Elisha.  One day Elisha said, ‘Call this Shunammite..’; your work for God would never go vain, He would one day call and reward you, say Amen.  This is exactly what happened to this Shunammite woman, and then the prophet asked, ‘what can I do for you?’ Hey friend, when you honor God and His servants, you don’t have to salute 1000 human beings for favor, God Himself would ask you, ‘what can I do for you?’  Anybody listening?  He is not blind and deaf to all that you do for Him, the prophet comes to know that she is childless, hence he promised her, : "At this season next year you will embrace a son." Verse 17 says: The woman conceived and bore a son at that season the next year, as Elisha had said to her. Glory to Jesus! Our God is a promise keeping God!

Friend, the situation in the life of the Shunammite woman was hopeless because the Bible says that her husband was old; nevertheless, when she sowed into the life of the prophet, God opened a miracle door for her, so would God do for you also.  Open your wallet for God, open your skills for God, open your time for God, open your home for God then you would see immeasurable blessings overflow in your life.  Say Amen.  Some people just do not want to go beyond ‘tithes’ and bless God, come on it should pinch when you stretch for God.  

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