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devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

Find a way out!

1 Corinthians 10:13”....God will make a way for you…”

I’m geared up to write this message today! Find a way out! Are you listening?  Some of us are waiting for days, months and years for someone to open the door, let me tell you,  find a way and open the door; even if you have to slide through the window and get bruised in the process, do it anyway, find a way out!


Not many house owners were ready to rent out their premises for running a free school for the poor but a Christian gentleman came forward to give his premises and encourage us to use his house for God thoroughly but there was a major problem here – NO WATER.  The tanks were dried starting from January of this year; now what do we do? The previous year, we had watched rain water being wasted without any particular method to preserve them, this year my husband devised a  simple and easy way by fixing a solid pipe and directed the water to the water tank below.  Boy! This has helped us in a great way! Find a way out!  Shifting the house is not the solution, we got to find out ways to solve the issue if possible.


A street dog got locked in the terrace of the house that was opposite ours, the dog barked, barked and barked until it got my attention, the moment he saw me,  he started barking more and pleaded me to do something.  Oh! The house was locked, the poor fellow had been on the terrace all night, he kept barking giving ‘pleading looks’ until all the colony people took action and got him out.  Once out, he wagged his tail and ran out! Find a way out! Bark, shout do whatever it takes to get attention.  Ruth lost her husband, lost all the men folk in the family but still ventured to go behind her mom-in-law and found a job at the field of Boaz.  She never waited for an appointment letter but just started picking the left-overs in the field and got employed.  This is self-employment! Ah! Mark it, Ruth was from a good family yet she stooped down to find way out of poverty and finally got the whole property.  Wow!


If you can’t find a job for years and years now this is a chance to become an entrepreneur! Don’t be proud to fail or do simple jobs, get up dust yourself and do something. I said do something!  When we relocated our ministry to Hyderabad, I wondered what do I do in a new city with new language, new culture and new people! I found a way out by distributing gospel tracks to people on the road and also I walked into a NGO School for the poor and volunteered to teach English.  It all started there!  Now, we have our own Government recognized, English Medium High School in Hyderabad. Abide School!



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