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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Oct 20, 2019

Golden scepter

Esther 5:2”….Esther came near and touched the top of the golden scepter…

Listen to me, if you want to live a normal life then there would be no sweat but if you are a queen in the palace then there are responsibilities, is anybody listening to me?  In the above scripture queen Esther takes a daring, audacious risk to enter the inner court of the king to meet him despite the law in king  Ahasuerus days that the person who enters without being called  would be put to death.

GOING WHERE OTHERS FEAR:  The corporate fasting and prayer that Esther and Mordecai did unleashed power that emboldened Esther to cross the security and enter the inner court of the king.  When God is with you in whatever project that you are doing, He would open iron doors for you.  Did not God say ‘no one can shut the door that God has opened for you? This is for someone out there!  Instead of going with your strength and knowledge, when you fast and pray over an important issue, God does awesome things beyond your comprehension.  It would seem impossible and insurmountable but God would make it happen for you. 


In the year 2009, when God commanded us to relocate to Hyderabad, it was scary because the language, culture and everything was new; however, before doing anything, we fasted as a family which worked things out for us.  When we approached the colleges for Engineering seat, one particular college told us, ‘will you give me seat if I suddenly approach Tamil Nadu for Engineering seat, you should have been in Hyderabad for minimum 7 years to be eligible for normal quota’, I remember how we returned from that office dejected and confused; however the miracle is my daughter not only completed B.Tech Engineering in computers but also completed her MBA from Osmania University.  This is what God can do when you trust Him!

I am talking to people out there to be bold and confident for God!   When Esther entered the king’s inner court, the favor of God surrounded her and the king stretched out his golden scepter towards Esther which implied she received pardon for her transgression, in return Esther touched the tip of the golden scepter and accepted it.  Today accept the invitation of Jesus and draw close to Him to live a powerful life!


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