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Keep rowing, keep rowing
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Sep 20, 2019

Keep rowing, keep rowing!

Mark 6:48” And he saw that they were making headway painfully, for the wind was against them. And about the fourth watch of the night he came to them, walking on the sea…”

The above text says that Jesus saw the disciples struggle in the midst of the sea!  He watched them making headway painfully!  God watches your pain today!  He would not turn His head away, He is observing every bit of the struggle.  Look what happens, the above text says: ‘He came to them walking on the sea! Boy, isn’t He a wonderful God!  He could have sent His angels, quietened the sea but He chose to walk on water and come to their rescue! Let me repeat He walked on water to come close to His disciples! Cheer up!

May be you are in a situation like in the middle of the sea, fear not, you’re not alone – trust Him to come to your rescue! Keep rowing , keep rowing, keep rowing, until He comes to your rescue – don’t quit!   The baby chick in the egg goes through a process of growth inside of the egg until it begins to outgrow the egg, but it must peck it’s way out of the egg. This struggle strengthens the baby chick and prepares it for life outside the egg. To cut the struggle short would severely injure if not kill the chick. Through the struggle it gains the strength it needs to survive and thrive in it’s new environment.

People are not able to take the heat of a difficult marriage and when they ought to be wrestling in prayer and fasting, they are trying to escape and get divorced. Dear friends, I know many second and third marriages falling into pieces because of hasty decisions.  Be warned today not to be hasty! Learn to endure the heat and fight the battle.  I know the emotions involved, trust Jesus to embalm your wounds and heal the scars but don’t close shop on your marriage. Friend, we need to learn to struggle and not look for easy ways.  In the above text, Paul says In Romans 5:3  ‘tribulation produces perseverance, character and then finally hope.’ The struggle is worth it because the end result is glorious.  

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