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For your sake
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019

For your sake

Philippians 1:24” ….yet to remain on in the flesh is more necessary for your sake.”

Most of my devotion readers are young adults and youngsters working for MNCs who anxiously dig into my devotions every day in the morning and even people who attend my meetings all belong to the youth group.  What makes them enthusiastically sit even the whole night to hear me out, mother of two grown up children, is the ‘ENERGY’ they see in me – SPIRITUAL ENERGY – I get this from Jesus, reservoir of all that we need.  Amen.

This is for people who say today ‘enough is enough’, pause and read this devotion which would change your perspective today, it did for me though.  Last ten days the cook had not come to work, I had to pitch in and do the cooking for the school children because you just cannot hire a cook on an urgent basis (you don’t get one anyway); however, there were other critical documentations I had to complete also, hence I was naturally depleted of all energy but I did a wise thing and that is to take the Bible and read every day, during that time, the above scripture pumped fresh stamina into my exhausted body and revitalized me to run for God and His work for the little children.  Since our final exams are approaching, I also have to gear up for the next academic year admissions and provisions, I cannot afford to allow a cook’s absence to deter my Kingdom work, anybody listening? C’mon friend, you can do much more than what you are doing now!  Look at what Paul says, ‘to remain on in the flesh is more necessary for your sake. Wow!

While I used to work for the Food & Beverage administrative department in one of the Sheraton group of hotels, the stewards and waiters would have slogged the whole day doing hard work, just as they clean up to go home, the manager would say, ‘continue’; boy, with dropped jaws and shoulders sagging they would go inside because someone had not come for duty. Very sad.  I had watched some workers cry out of exhaustion, is someone out there exhausted, tired, frustrated and  fatigued?  This word is for you today!  How do you think you get strong, smart and shrewd? Hard work, stress, pressure,  hassle, tension, anxiety……does not kill you but it would build you!  I speak out of experience…….


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