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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jul 03, 2019

Part 2 of sermon titled Mephibosheth

(Click HERE for part 1)

You are my lamp

2 Samuel 22:29-"For You are my lamp, O LORD; And the LORD illumines my darkness.

You know what, even before I could start writing this devotion, my eyes are brimming with tears, our God is an awesome God who turns our darkness to light, and David here calls God his ‘LAMP’, yes He is my Lamp and your Lamp too!  He is our spotless lamb and our bright Lamp too!  I think of how God pulled me from thick darkness into His glorious light and also using me to save many through His grace.

There are so many Mephibosheths’ out there in the world wandering from pillar to post, wondering how to get their curses and sins washed away, isn’t it? David said, ‘I want to show kindness, is anybody out there?’(2 Samuel 9:1) Do we find such people today?  We live in a selfish world that would not even  stop for an accident victim lying in a pool of blood but instead they shoot the scene, such has become the callous behavior of the world.

Single mother of 4 children, whose 3 girls studying with me came to see me along with her mother because her brother had said that he could no longer take care of her and her children and that she should give a police compliant against her husband.  Totally shattered and also physically weak, she sobbed and asked me for my opinion and advice, I told her that police complaint would only make matters worse so I came forward to take and embrace the three girls into our ABIDE ANGEL HOME, that provides free shelter, food and all necessities(click HERE for more details).  The children are now safe with me.  Initially the eldest girl Monica gave lot of tantrums and refused to stay at Angel Home; however, with lot of prayers she is now the anchor of the hostel.  She leads the prayer, monitors the other children, teaches the children and stuns me with all that she is doing.  Last night she came to me and asked, ‘madam, can I read the Bible before going to bed?’  I said ‘wonderful’ !  It was awe moment for me!  Then this evening I found her covering her Bible with designed paper just like I have done for my Bible! Ah!!!  Would she start her own ORPHANAGE one day?? I wish!

There are many “Mephibosheths’ out there waiting to be invited into your home, that requires not only kindness but also sacrifice.

Have you sowed your offering for this great work of God? Time to do right now!

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