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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Unleash your power
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Unleash your power……

Mathew 5:41 “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

The above statement of Jesus has never failed to astound me over and over again!  Jesus loves to get the best out of us…..Unleash the bright, positive, life-changing light upon others!  You are connected to so many different people’s lives, did you know that?  Sounds dramatic?  Here’s the reason…..

During a spiritual tour to Jerusalem, one dear sister  shared her experience with me that stirred my heart to visit Jerusalem too.  She spoke about the worship as a team, prayer in Bethlehem and a lot more; now, there was a hitch though, during certain legs of the journey they had to do long walks, so my friend Joy (name changed) found it difficult to walk long distances hence she contemplated to take a cab just for those trips; however, an elderly 80 plus aunty in their team was walking vigorously, energetically and was also encouraging others to walk and not unnecessarily spend money on cabs.  She was a major booster for the entire team, so my friend Joy also found her energy very contagious and she also walked during those trips.  Well, as I heard this and also saw the photo of that aunty, during times of weariness, I would say, ‘if that aunty could do it then why not me?’  Ah, look how you can inspire people even without meeting each other?  Stretch yourself friend, surround yourself with vibrant and dynamic people, you cannot achieve much sticking around with people who wake up at 8 am!

Rather than writing ten points message, I would like to narrate my experiences, my journey, my pain, my shortcomings, my marathon efforts  so that someone out there gets it.  Am I making sense, are you getting something out of this?  You know what, your Heavenly Father wanted you to stretch too, He said, ‘if someone asks you to go a mile, you go an extra mile.’  Boy, this is mind-boggling!  You don’t need none other than Jesus as your role model, He is simply awesome! He just doesn’t say offer the other cheek when someone comes to strike you but Jesus gave His cheek to be slapped, are you listening?  People who are comfortable with five minutes prayer will never comprehend this message, I am talking to people who would like go the next level with God and life.

Your attitude during times of storm, doom and gloom is also on display, your friends and colleagues who have never been to church are watching how you handle these seasons, are you listening?  Many youngsters, pastors and friends tell me, ‘your passion for God, your boldness in the midst of problems, your grit and energy has inspired us to stand for God too.’  We got to be an inspiration for people around us rather than an irritation! Unleash the power …………………..

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