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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Tell it all generation
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Apr 14, 2019

Tell it all generation


Philippians 4:6”Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”


Have you ever had the urge to just open up to someone and just pour out all that is bubbling inside you? Tell me.  There is that tremendous pressure which you just want to download some time, am I right; however, there is a niggle and danger here……..sometimes you would be telling the wrong person! Caveat!


I have watched jabber mouth, uninhibited, loose talkers just about tell everything to everybody and then land up in trouble, we got to learn to clamp our mouth. Today’s lesson is more of counseling because we have become the ‘tell all’ generation where everything is on the social media for all to see and guffaw – be discreet, wise, calm and silent.  Few years back, I have had this volcanic eruption inside me, when I can take it no more, to look for some shoulder to cry upon – (seriously I was crazy) , I would call up and then burst out everything; little did I know that it was juice for someone to judge me!  But with years of experience and heart breaks, I have learnt to take everything to the Lord!  You know what, God listens to all that you have to say, awesome feeling- He would not be bored to disconnect the conversation.  Are you listening?


Children ministry is very challenging and it sucks your energy, did you know that?  Some of you cannot manage your own kids, but imagine me surrounded by children 24/7, I am with children all the time, this morning we were taking some kids in our van to be dropped back home after church, while I was watching, a 5 year old  naughty boy managed to give a slip and dart across the street and would have been hit by a car but it was just prayers that saved him and me.  I stood there shocked.  Despite all the precautions this happened, I had actually preached, was tired and because the VBS is also happening during the week, overall fatigue hit me badly.  My flesh was craving to complain but my spirit was asking me to shut up and keep going.  Did you get that?  Who do you think want to listen to your story? None.  Google, whatsup, facebook and all the other plethora of social network sites cannot help, you would be making a fool of yourself by exposing your problems.


If only we understand that we don’t need outside help but JESUS is just about sufficient and enough to unload all that burdens us – our life would be much stressful!


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