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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Saturday, Apr 13, 2019



2 Samuel 18:9”Absalom happened to meet the servants of David. ….”


You cannot always hoodwink God, He would bring you before judgment!  Is anybody listening to me?  Have you cheated on someone, have you stolen something, have you brutally betrayed somebody, lied…have you got it buried like burying a big pumpkin inside the mud – let me tell you someday it would get exposed.  Warning!  As we read the newspapers daily, we read of daring murderers, rapists and cheaters get off the hook for lack of proper witnesses; however, they cannot escape the noose prepared by God! Are you listening?


The man who is cheating on his wife and secretly texting his girlfriend midnight would one day be trapped and he would have to pay for his shameful act.   When the wife asked her husband who happens to be a highly educated tech guy with gold medal (rubbish)  as to why he was talking to the woman in the middle of the night, the crook replied, ‘we’re discussing official matters.’  Imagine!  This is not concocted story, this is real illustration I am talking about, such is the condition of the heart and families today. No respect for each other, no compassion, no manners…nothing whatsoever….


The guy I am talking about today is ABSALOM, I wonder how many Christians know about him!  Since not many Christians read the entire Bible and they feel God would close His eyes on this, you cannot be ignorant and careless about the Word of God and expect great things from Him and some feel Old Testament is not important, who said that?  Abraham, Moses, Joseph and Joshua and lot more other spiritual giants are all in the Old testament – mind you! Absalom was the son of David who disobeyed his father David, turned against his own father and became a traitor, rapist, arrogant and cunning; he thought none can touch him but God used the forest to punish Absalom.  Forest?  Read, “the forest devoured more people that day than the sword devoured.” ( 2 Samuel 18:8)  Did you see that?  God used the very hair that Absalom was very fond of to kill him, it got caught in the tree and he was left dangling in the forest, while Joab (the commander of David’s army) took the sword and killed him and Absalom was thrown in a pit in the forest.  The end of a persistent, daring, disobedient sinner would be horrible if he fails to repent!

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