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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
This is only a mirage
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Apr 01, 2019

This is only a mirage

Proverbs 2:8” God preserves the way of His godly ones…”


So what makes you think that people are forever going to be nice to you? This is only a mirage! There are enormous expectations today: how many people saw my status, how many likes, how many follow me, how many liked my photos and plethora of other ‘how manys’; alas, thereby disappointment, frustrations, aggravations and eventually suicidal tendency. I wish someone gets me today!  We see disappointed people crying on talk-shows, reality shows and this has to be addressed – we NEED GOD.  We can never find ‘REAL LOVE’ outside God. Period.


The ones that kissed me all over my face were the ones who kicked me soon, I tell you people somersault so quickly that would make you lose your balance.  Take my warning today!  You know what, the devil doesn’t have to use AK 47 on us, all he has to do is to send a bunch of people to throw confetti and roses on us for a few days and then use the same people to throw rocks – this is enough to break us to million pieces.  Be wise!  Watch out when people are nice to you on the phone – may be they are trying to draw important secrets from you.  Be on guard!  Don’t fall for every appreciation, compliments and fake praises – there might be hidden agenda inside, caveat!  Don’t be deceived by outward appearances and hastily rush for dating – you might land up in a pit that is too deep. Impetuous decisions would ruin your life! Watch out!


Does that mean I don’t love anybody? You don’t get me wrong now, be cautious and that’s my advice today.  Have an intimate relationship with God and His Word and don’t allow anyone to interfere in that area ( even your own family members) then God would give you the wisdom to handle the affairs of your life.  Twenty years back, Jesus stepped into the emergency ward of the hospital where I was admitted, since then there was no turning back – Bible and prayer became my breath and life.  Jesus walked me through the intricate labyrinth of my life and during times of crisis , He carried me on His shoulders.  I remember the Holy Spirit warning me from getting away from certain Christian websites that had wrong doctrines, our family were led to the right church and we got associated to the right people who later became our spiritual mentors.  You need the guidance of the Holy Spirit to keep you away from wolves! 


Coming back to the core issue of my message today, do not expect barrels of love from people who cannot give you what you expect – turn to God who can give you more than what you ask.  He understands you! If you skip church and go for dating, sleeping and roaming then………





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