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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Visions of God
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Mar 28, 2019

Visions of God!

Ezekiel 1:1”….while I was by the river Chebar among the exiles, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.”

I wonder how many would be interested in my title today; however, the words ‘visions of God’ captivated me and took me on a breathtaking, scintillating journey to explore God through the book of Ezekiel, here I’m just going to share a smidgeon of what I experienced.

Prophet Ezekiel's situation is an interesting one, he dwells in the midst of Israelites who were in forced Exile in a different city; captives are not a happy lot, they were murmuring, rebellious, disgruntled, God-blamers, hard-hearted never ready to accept their mistakes and repent.  Now how does one preach to ‘such’ people, God has His own strategy though, that’s exactly why God gave ‘visions’, not just ‘vision’ but ‘visions of God’ to Ezekiel.  Amen.  Just ‘one word’ from God would take us to cloud nine, imagine Ezekiel, a young man at that time, having multiple glorious visions of God. Ooooh! Ezekiel sat mesmerized but something happened after this experience, God brought him down to the valley where the people were sitting and told him, ‘now, go and prophesy all that I say to them.’  Imagine!  After the excitement comes the tough assignment!

Many are awed by my testimony of resigning my job with a multinational bank while I was a young mother of two children (13 year old daughter & 4 year old son)to work for the Lord as full-time servant.  Many thought I had gone nuts to give up my plush executive cadre bank job, opulent life style, own apartment and go down the grimy roads of the village to serve the poor. My answer: “I saw visions of God!”  One day I was in the wash room in my office,  locked up sobbing and praying, my friend came knocked the door several times and pulled me out – I came out with red puffed up eyes after talking with my God, that day I decided I don’t belong here.  This devotion of mine, is going to stir some people to move deeper with God, are you ready? God bless you!

Click HERE to read my full testimony.

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