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Unfair situations
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Feb 11, 2019

Unfair situations

Psalm 69:4 “ I am forced to restore  what I did not steal.”

Boy, how do I write this piece?  This is so deep, David opens this chapter with the words: “I have sunk in deep mire”, the pain and agony that some people are struggling with is very perplexed that they know not what to do, I hope someone out there gets blessed and delivered.  Now, to start with, I had just taken a small portion of the scripture so that I can concentrate more on this.

Friend, it took me several years to understand the demonic forces that were working in my life to sabotage my ministry and send me home, I am a warrior so I kept battling.  The first thing I learnt when I resigned my secular, first class job with a multinational bank and joined full time work for God, is to fast and pray, wow, it’s doing wonders( don’t neglect this).  Today I am able to identify them in different colors because demons are classified into groups with specific work to destroy you, and I’m able to tackle them accordingly.  Not many are happy with your success, skills and testimony, they would venomously attack you, spread false rumors about you, so that you get hurt, crumble and shrink - the close ones are assigned with this job.  Don’t panic, get educated in this field and move on instead of sitting in the corner and weeping – people who had hurt you are actually having pizza in the corner joint, so shake the dust off sweetheart.  Life is too precious!

Sometimes you are forced to suffer ‘blame’ for something you had not done, anybody going through this? That’s exactly what David says,’ I am forced to restore  what I did not steal’.  Are we not reminded of Joseph who was behind bars for 13 years for a crime that he had not committed?  C’mon friend, God would show a way out of this situation; sometimes, people call and tell me that they are suffering for something that they did not do at all, that’s the work of the enemy.  Fear not, God would bring justice for all the unfair situations in your life and prepare a table for you in front of your enemies, this prophecy is for someone out there, grab it, in the name of Jesus.  The devil orchestrates nefarious, despicable schemes to trap you, be wise and alert, do not open up about yourself to everyone – take it to the Lord in prayer, instead of pouring out your secrets to the devil.( that prayer partner is not safe too)….you never know…..

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