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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Feb 06, 2019


Jeremiah 39:12"Take him and look after him, and do nothing harmful to him, but rather deal with him just as he tells you."

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Outside manifestations doesn’t matter when we STAY in the will of God, this is a prophetic word for someone out there, are you listening?  When we pray, fast and wait on God for a miracle, things don’t change overnight, we got to first know the will of God and then STAY put in that situation – no matter what.  

Prophet Jeremiah kept prophesying to the people of God not to run away from the will of God but to obey Him; however, none were ready to hear the words of God, they wanted instant remedy and skip the process which does not work with God.  Eventually the enemies came and picked up the children of God who disobeyed but Jeremiah was taken care of by the hand of the enemies themselves.  The above words were from  Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, just imagine!  God can do mighty things for those who unconditionally, wholeheartedly and unwaveringly obey Him! Hurray!

May be your marriage looks shattered now, but don’t allow your hopes to be dashed; I remember a friend of mine who said, ‘Bala, I listened to your advice, prayed, stayed patient when my husband criticized me, mocked me and cheated on me; I find no changes in him though, I said, ‘continue to pray, during this season of affliction, God would cut the pride, anger and other toxic stuff from your life, God does everything for a reason.’  Somebody needs to hear this.  Pray, believe and patiently wait for God to turn it around, in the meanwhile set right all the crooked ways that God points out to you that stands in the way of the miracle and trust God.  Divorce is not the answer, put your ego aside for the sake of the children, STAY AND WIN.

It may even be dwindling business, plummeting finances, dipping and declining church or ministry, whatever; continue to trust God and STAY – don’t quit and start something else.  FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! Set your face and fuel up your heart with passion for the goal! There are million problems surrounding our ABIDE SCHOOL, Shiloh Revival Church and Angel Home; however, no demon can shake us, we are here to STAY!


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