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Blurred vision
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

Blurred vision

Proverbs 28:5”Evil men do not understand justice, But those who seek the LORD understand all things.”

One particular lady, mother of three children who study at Abide School and also stay at our Abide Angel Home, her husband had left her so I was taking care of three grown-up children; however, her character was atrocious.  Each time I see her, I would counsel her, quote her scriptures and explain the punishment of living a wicked life.  Just for a couple of holidays to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, she lied to me that her mother was in death bed and took the children from Angel Home.  When I came to know of the truth, nothing seemed to affect her and all her three children were shaping up like the mom.  I write this portion with deep sorrow and tears, the nights I left my own children and family to sleep in the hostel, the hot nights I slept alone in my hostel room in summer, for around two years I did the night warden job because we were unable to get proper staff; nevertheless, at the end of it all, when I see the children sly, manipulative and creepy, my heart breaks into million pieces. Evil men do not understand justice…(Click ABIDE ANGEL HOME, to read about our free hostel for the poor)

Are you hearing me?  How can someone who attend church still be in an adulterous relationship? How can you be a Bible teacher and still lust and watch porn? How can you be a born-again believer but still lust after your neighbor’s wife? Tell me.  Evil men do not understand justice…

I know of a believer who claims to love God and also help in Christian ministry; however, he has his computer loaded with pirated software and never purchases any kind of software – everything is borrowed, when you don’t buy it then you are stealing it.  There are lot of Christians who have ‘Photoshop Coral Raw’ and other expensive software loaded free of cost from their friends….any number of warnings doesn’t shake them a bit…. Evil men do not understand justice…but those who seek the Lord understand all things. Amen, they will not dare to disobey God!

You know what, whatever you do in disobedience would never be blessed!

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