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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Jan 20, 2019

Part 2 (dated January 19, 2019)  

Psalm 144:2" my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer.."

Being Saturday, I took the day off  from school today and again  started meditating Psalm 144 and as I  kept reading, I was digging into a treasure-trove of blessings, actually I felt now I was getting into a different zone called ‘Psalm  144 zone’, you’re welcome too! Even so, I offer my findings on this topic……


Dictionary defines the word ‘fortress’ as a large, strong building or group of buildings that can be defended from attack.  David looked at his God and calls him ‘my fortress’, a person cannot say such things without actually tasting the protection of God, anybody listening?  I remember in the year 2013 during a regular health check-up, the doctor looked into my eyes and said, ‘treacherous fibroids have grown wildly in your uterus which is a threat now to your life, you got to do an operation immediately.’  After the operation, the doctor said, ‘if you would have delayed even by a day, it would have been difficult to save you because you were carrying about 5 kgs of fibroids in your uterus.’  Imagine!  An absolute close-call  on my life I should say, but my God saved me and did not allow the fibroids to kill me, say Amen.   God is my Fortress!

Today, we would not be reading Psalm 144, if God had not taken David through a series of trials, dangers, tears, failures and betrayals, this chapter in turn helps us face our own battles.  Actually as we go through these paths of sickness, weakness and feebleness, God teaches us to trust Him completely – 100%.


Just scroll down to verse 7, we read here: “Stretch forth Your hand from on high; Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters, Out of the hand of aliens 8 Whose mouths speak deceit..”Let me tell you something, God-lovers will surely have to meet these aliens with Dracula tongue that spews poison against us.”  This Dracula tongue comes out from nowhere and suddenly stings at you and spews nonsense about you, things that are not even true, anybody listening?  I have watched many lovely, anointed servants of God being bitten by these aliens but Oh, how we need God to give us self-control during such situations! Ah! Some of these aliens are people very close to us! No escape.  God here expects us to plead for His mercies like how David does rather than do our own verbal battle, anybody listening?  Street-smart skills cannot save us, we should allow God to bail us out only then can we write our own Psalm 144, glory to Jesus!

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