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My goodness
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Jan 18, 2019

My goodness

Psalm 144:2”My goodness and my fortress, My stronghold and my deliverer..”

Since last Saturday I was down with severe viral fever, not just me but the entire family with no servants because even the servants were down with fever.  Life was just mayhem.  I had to visit the doctor thrice to get checked because the cold was getting worse; however, recovery started happening…slow though.  It was the first day after long holidays, despite my weakness I was eagerly waiting to share the Gospel at the assembly today, the scripture I picked out was the above verse, David looks at God and calls Him ‘My goodness…!’  Though I was physically weak, I could the feel the power of God as I started preaching this scripture, I’m sure someone out there would be strengthened too!

Actually this chapter is a prayer of David seeking God’s protection and rescue, despite being in a desperate situation, David pours down his love for God and describes God affectionately and tenderly..such should be our love for God too.  I made the children tell the five descriptions of God, within five minutes they memorized the scripture both in telugu and English:
My goodness
My fortress
My stronghold
My deliverer
My shield

Keep repeating the above scripture over and over again until it permeates into your body, you don’t need to run around for medication if you have learnt the technique of trusting God and His power, anybody listening?  I have watched some families have a monthly account with the medical shop because their purchase is so high, why not this year give God and His Word more priority please?  Don’t just lazily read it but master it! Have a diary with you as you read the Bible and jot down scriptures that touch you, write down revelations and enjoy the journey friend.  

1)    MY GOODNESS:  Let me tell you something, the viral fever attack came on me and my family, the moment we announced the dates of our upcoming  4 days ‘soldiers camp’, I knew that.  We got to know the strategy of the devil if not we would not know how to tackle it, this viral fever scare was to just make us slowdown our planning, praying and preparations for the meeting, the devil could not do much, even while I was down in bed, I kept praying in tongues and putting the devil under my feet.  In this short chapter, we can see the trust of David in his God in the midst of adverse circumstances, always remember the goodness of God in your life!

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