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Go higher to hear clearer
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Jan 01, 2019

Go higher to hear clearer

Mathew 2:21”So Joseph got up, took the Child and His mother, and came into the land of Israel.”

Happy new year friends again, did you read my new year message for 2019 – ‘GOODNESS OF THE LORD’,  if not click HERE and read it.  Well, before I delve into the message today, would like to ask you a few questions: how much of the Bible have you read last year, how much time have you spent each day with the Lord, have you set aside time last year for fasting and prayer? Think! These are the things that take you to a higher level with God from where you get a crystal-clear vision of what you have to do and what not to do – all haze would fade away here, this is called crystal-clear zone, anybody hearing me?

I watch people run in circles today for better  jobs, higher payments with plethora of other  benefits like medical insurance, LTA allowance, housing loans, car loans, personal loans,  foreign assignments and what not! They aspire to go higher, higher…higher and higher and then crash! Don’t get me wrong -  all of the above are perishable!  What is that angst for? Did you ever think of taking a job that would give you enough time to pray and read the Bible, a job that would not interfere with your worship time on Sundays, have you hunted for a job that would not grab your precious time with your family? Tell me.   When things go downhill then we panic and rush to God in the last hour, why not make better decisions this year that would help you and your family?  If you curb your unnecessary expenditure, unwanted purchases and extravagances then life would be more peaceful, are you listening?

While I was reading the book of Mathew today, I read the portion where Joseph is instructed by the angel in a dream to get up and go to Israel with the child (Jesus) and the mother, because the enemies have all vanished.  Wow! Are they not clear instructions with no confusions?  You get to hear angels speak in dreams and God walk with you only when you obey and walk with God like Joseph – in other words you got to go higher..and higher…and higher with God…isn’t that wonderful?  Stop being greedy, be content with what you have and this year make concrete decisions and efforts to get close to God and stay there!

God bless you!

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