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Delight in the law
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Dec 10, 2018

Delight in the law

Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel determined his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.”

The above scripture kind of revolutionized my life several years back! Yes, Daniel though young and a slave in a foreign country determined his heart to follow the Lord, no matter what.  God is looking for ‘such’ hearts that are determined and not wishy-washy hearts.  Let me open today with a short testimony that I received- “We recently ordered a laptop from flipkart and I insisted my hubby to go for genuine windows copy which will cost around 4k extra (I recently read a devotion by sister. Bala Samson mentioning specifically that using pirated versions of software  is not acceptable in God's standards). But my hubby went ahead and booked with DOS OS and he thought we can reinstall with pirated version. I prayed asking God to forgive this act, somehow we ended returning the laptop twice with different issues and finally he asked for repayment from flipkart. Today right now I am in the showroom and we have bought the laptop with genuine version. Praise God for honoring my desire and prayer.”

I am actually extremely happy about such testimonies rather than stomach ache being healed, this is what I am looking for! Change! Transformation! Integrity in all that you do, being ready to be true and honest no matter what it takes. Is anybody there? Romans 7:22”For I delight in the law of God in my inner being…”  The dictionary defines the word ‘delight’ as : ’a strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction.’  I love the phrase:  ‘in my inner being!’
Not on the surface, not mere words, not just empty talk, not outward show, not empty promises, not pseudo love, not like fake coins,  not ‘let me try’ phony show, but..but……….
…….to love His law in the innermost heart! Now what is that? Let me explain:
•    You decide not to lie to the interviewer even before you step into his cabin – you would be different from the ‘bunch’ who carry 1000 fake certificates and with mouth full of lies.
•    You make up your mind not to trade Church on Sundays for anything in this world.
•    You have decided not to have premarital sex with your partner, because God says, ‘be holy’, it does not just stop with decisions but it should be followed with actions like avoiding dark, lonely spots.  Are you listening?

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” C.S.Lewis

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