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Bore well water
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Dec 09, 2018

Bore well water!

Nehemiah 9:29”…. if a man observes them (commandments of God) he shall live.”

The above statement was squeezed in verse 29 – the above is just a portion of the verse – which kind of caught my attention and I started meditating it ….I have put my thoughts in this devotion.  Towards the end you will understand the meaning of my title ‘bore well water!’ Nehemiah was talking to the people of God who had messed up their lives because of their corrupted ways and careless attitude towards God and His Word.  This word comes directly to your desk to warn, instruct and guide you in the ways of God.

Now what I am about to say would baffle a normal person who lives by worldly standards; however, if you have taken the laws of God and the Bible as your way of life then this would nourish you more.  No matter what your situation is right now: no job, financial crisis, health issues, relationship sinking, marital problems, business failure, blurred uncertain future, tough job, rebellious children, I have come to tell you to not get hopeless, but grind your teeth and hang on …..God will make a way for you!  Glory to Jesus! Listen, I am not talking through my hat, I have gone through every bit of what I write here, I still stand strong though.  Glory to Jesus!  All I ask God is enough space to write all what I feel today…..

One particular young man, hindu convert was turning back to God the third time after backsliding (I had to struggle a lot to bring him back) now, he is not able to understand that ‘a man lives only by obeying the commandments of God ’, is anybody listening to me?  He is trying business tricks to make it big and making a big mistake of skipping Sunday service because his business demands that he works that day, he was heading for another catastrophe. Why not believers understand that we live by obeying His commandments? I am speaking to someone out there, always put God first and do not compromise with the world.

We had some rice, oil and tamarind left with which we had to manage feeding the school children of ABIDE SCHOOL and also feed ourselves with it.  We did reach a stage when I felt, ‘could we continue to offer free food?’ We were ALL (including our family) eating only ‘tamarind rice’ for nearly 15 days(believe me), nothing else…I missed my coffee.  Now we had to buy drinking water which was 6 rupees per can, finally money stopped.  ZERO. We had no money to buy even water, so that night we boiled bore well water to drink.  During this dry season, we did not make ‘distress calls’ to relatives, friends or anybody….we just waited upon God because He promised “if a man observes them (commandments of God) he shall live.” Give God a shout of praise!  On day 16, we received offerings to meet all our needs!  If only I had borrowed money to buy milk for my coffee, I could not have written this testimony today!

Awesome testimonies are birthed from pain!

I remind you'll again to sow your offerings for our Christmas program.

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