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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Many adversaries
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Dec 07, 2018

Many adversaries

1 Corinthians 16:9”….for a wide door for effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.”


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Someone said, ”new levels will have new and more devils”, so be prepared for the elevation. Look what Paul said in the above scripture, ‘for a wide door has been opened but there are many adversaries’, did you see that?  It was not just an ordinary door but a wide door!  While you are happy for the wide door, as you salsa around in joy, also spend more time in prayer for wisdom, strategy and discernment.

It was September 30, 2016 ( how could I forget that date!) God was moving our Abide school to a bigger building with more space and furniture, everybody were upbeat and immensely happy, in the evening my senior teacher who was taking care of everything, I mean everything: from attendance register to progress reports to taking maximum number of classes, most important her commitment and hard work was great investment for Abide School.  She would even come to school  if it was heavily raining, such was her commitment.  She came inside my office room at the end of the day – did not whisper a word during the day – and said, ‘madam I am resigning because my husband has got a transfer to a different city.’  My heart stopped!  I was more broken because she did not say a word about it!  She left coolly.  Now, for people who are reading this, I would like to insert a small nugget here: “no matter how efficient a person may be, do not entrust much into their hands, when they leave (they will)  you would go berserk”, I learnt an expensive lesson though.  Today, the major junk of important work is in my hands, I’ve got my head into everything, so that if someone ditches me, I pitch in until the new person joins me – which includes cooking too.  I can very calmly cook for 100 children in fire wood within two hours, crisis management is very important.  You cannot lead without messing your clean hands!

I actually had to learn to manage my successes more than dealing with my failures!  So I hope you got valuable lessons today through my pain. 

So what God has done through these devotions this year, write your testimonies in detail so that we would rejoice and be blessed, put subject as TESTIMONY.

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