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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Right in the eyes of the Lord
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Dec 04, 2018

Right in the eyes of the Lord…

2 King 18:3“He did right in the sight of the LORD….”


IMPORTANT  REMINDER:  If you have still not sowed for Christmas celebrations, would request you to do it right away because the needs are huge.  Please sow your offerings for this purpose into WORSHIP JESUS MINISTRIES TRUST since it is gospel related work.   Dont conveniently skip my announcement, if you are blessed through my devotions it is time now to sow for His Kingdom. 

It’s easy to justify our mistakes and wrongdoings by saying, ‘I had no other go’, you hear this umpteen times during the course of the day.  A young man carrying a baby came to me for prayer with a young girl and said that he was planning to marry this woman after divorce since they were childhood sweethearts and her husband was ill-treating her. The husband abusing her was a camouflage for the budding of an adulterous relationship.  When I pointed out his error, he said, ’my parents also conduct prayer meetings at home; however, I had no other go…’.  Did you hear that? That’s baloney! Daring disobedience!

For all people who are giving excuses for your atrocious life let me say this: “Therefore, to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin.”(James 4:17)  One particular lady was living with a married man and said, ‘this is just a friendly relationship, I have nowhere else to go since I’m sick also.’  One question for those who say, ‘I have no other go’, do you think God would forsake you for obeying His word? Never.  Some ask, ‘show me the way Lord I will come, God says, ‘Come and I will show you the way.’  Trust is the key word for a child who follows Christ.

People get comfortable in a wrong setting and get scared to leave and start again.,,,,If there’s a purpose in your life to live right in the eyes of God, then you got to take a decision.  God doesn’t accept excuses as to why we cannot obey His Word.  Sometimes obedience to God’s  word demands you to a take huge risk and follow Him.  

Everybody is smoking so I had no other go…
Everybody signed the paper so I had to also do it…
Since he is my brother, I had to attend the temple along with him, I did not worship though…

I had to take drinks since it’s a sales party at the Office….
At 25, king Hezekiah was different…..

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