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Flow of blood
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018

Flow of blood

Mark 5:26”….had endured much at the hands of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all, but rather had grown worse-.”

Now you should know my history in order to comprehend what I am about to say: I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids in my uterus in the year 1999 while in advanced stage of pregnancy ( nearly 5 months), everybody including many doctors advised me to abort the baby, I trusted God for a miracle and won the case which eventually led to my salvation and also me turning into His full time servant.  It did not stop there, continuously for the last two decades my body was attacked with various sicknesses which I overcame through fasting and prayer.  I would like to mention the ulcers that I had in my mouth which the doctors suspected it to be cancer because it was so very severe; I was fed up of multiple doctors and tablets, eventually I threw all of them in the dustbin and got healed through prayer.  (I don’t suggest you to do so)

I have had two major operations, after the last one, I was advised bed rest for 6 months; however, I walked out of the bed after two months and straight travelled 14 hours in the train to be the main speaker in a ‘3 days fire camp meeting’.  Now, having given my health records, I can say ‘when everything else fails in your life, faith will carry you through.’  Say Amen.  Praise God, sometimes I did not even have the funds for the basic scanning and other tests, so I would stay awake all night and pray – hold your breath to hear the good news – glory to God, I would be healed!  Last year 2017, the day after my school children celebrated my birthday, midnight I developed excruciating abdomen pain and I was admitted in the ICU; however, I was discharged the next day.  I have been quoting scriptures and claiming my healing, in the above scripture the flow of blood for the woman has got worse rather than better after visiting multiple physicians, the reason is not because doctors are not good (I highly recommend that you visit doctors and be wise concerning health – do not misunderstand my message) but because God wanted to reveal His glory through her.  When she stretched and touched the garments of Jesus with faith – BAM- she got healed and the flow of blood dried. Wow! What a miracle!  You would never know how terrible it is to be sick until you are bedridden! You would never know the humiliation and pain of lying in the bed and depending on others for everything, to carry the urine bag in your hand, depend on bed pan, wear scanty clothes during operation and lot more…. don’t you ever mock or grumble at people who are sick and weak.  

The naysayers, worrywarts, doubters and pessimists will not agree with my message, but most important several hours of prayer and His word is paramount to trust God for SUCH miracles!

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