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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Nov 19, 2018

Thumbs up!

Judges 1:6“Adoni-bezek fled; and they pursued him and caught him and cut off his thumbs and big toes.”

The enemy wants to cut off your strong point; two young men serving the Lord were going up the mountain to pray during weekends, they would call me and give me testimonies of the prayer.  I was thrilled for them; however, the devil wanted to cut this off, so now he stirred the wife of one of them, she fought with him saying, ‘you go away to the mountain to pray while I am left alone to do all the house work’, she fought until they not only stopped praying together but also fell apart because of misunderstandings.  The enemy guffawed because he managed to cut off the thumb!  Whatever is keeping you productive, blessed and increase would be the target of the enemy.  He would cut off the spiritual leader who is investing in your life, he would make you angry with your pastor so that you leave the church, he would bring rifts in prayer cells, and also drag you down to the level of doubting the Bible and God Himself.  Pastor, church and rebuking spiritual leaders are your RIGHT THUMB which he would cut off and maim you. Caveat!

We hear an incident in the Bible about a Canaanite king Adoni Bezek;  when the people of God went for war against the Canaanites , he tried to flee but they caught him and did something which I want you to notice here, ‘they cut off his thumbs and big toes.’  His strength was cut off!  Try doing something folding your thumb, it’s not possible, that’s what the enemy does, he cuts off your strength so that you are not productive.  Keep this in mind, will come back to it shortly.

Well, Adoni-Bezek said,’ I cut the thumbs and big toes of 70 kings and God has exactly done the same to me.’  Now sit up for a powerful word!  Adoni-Bezek had made 70 kings unproductive and kept them like slaves, don’t you ever think God is not watching your wickedness, your greediness and your sly lustfulness, He knows it all.  So he was repaid by God with the same token for his callous and murderous behavior.  Now he knew what it was to be without thumbs and big toes and he eventually died.   This message comes as a warning!  

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