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Approach only God
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018

Approach only God

Psalm 121:2”My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.”

I am speaking to someone out there today!  Do you feel ignored, rejected, overtaken, and prejudiced? Do you feel like you are lost in the big ocean? Do you feel my turn would never come? Do you feel insignificant and small? Fear not!  You would be identified! Get into His presence, spend more time with the Bible and in prayer rather than brooding over the situation, you would surely be recognized.  The word of the Lord would come to you! I did a great mistake during the initial days of my ministry when I approached a senior pastor and said,” I have an anointing for the youth, can I help in your youth ministry?  He never called me.  That was the last that I ever approached someone for  ministry opening, in the following years besides my internet ministry, God opened up doors to speak in conventions, Bible colleges, fire camps, many churches and today we have our own church, school, Children Home and many other projects.

Let me share another testimony:  I desperately needed God to release help for me at school; with truckload of work, I had very few hands to do it.  Top priority was one more teacher in our school!  Glued to the chair at the church, I kept praying unceasingly! Seriously, I was stuck to the chair at church! I was told ‘someone’ had come to see me; a middle-aged woman with hands, legs and face yellow in color - due to regular use of turmeric as a religious ritual - forehead filled with colorful bindi stood at the door, while I hesitated, I had a nudge in my heart to consider her.  His ways are higher!  After interviewing her I asked her to join the next day.  During the prayer time at our Abide School, the first two days she was silently observing things, on the third day, she folded her hands and closed her eyes to worship the Lord.  

This lady became a  huge asset for me, she was ready to help in all areas, extremely punctual and meticulous in her work.  Beside work, most important, I felt this wonderful woman was sent by God to hear the Gospel shared in the assembly in school.

Abide in Him!    

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