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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Oct 22, 2018

Corner to honor!


Esther 6:9”Thus it shall be done to the man whom the king delights to honor..”


All hard work that received no appreciation or applause, done in a corner would one day bring you honor! It doesn’t matter if people do not recognize you, God would one day put you on the pedestal for all to see! Say Amen.


You just finished working on the presentation, taken hard copies, wrote the agenda, kept all the other essentials for the meeting ready, glanced through the other logistics, cleared the desk and finally stretched out to relax,  just then your boss walks in and says, ‘hey, you look relaxed’ – your jaws drop – he further goes on to say,’ get me Mr. Baxter on the line immediately’, as you fumble for the number, he comments, ‘useless people around me’; your heart now sinks to the bottomless sea, how does one handle such stuff of unnoticed, overlooked hard work?  Relax friend, your sweat behind closed doors would one be exposed and you will be rewarded. This is for someone who has been denied credit that he rightly deserves! Bravo! Keep doing the good work!  Your hard work invested in the kitchen, in the office, in the study room, in the prayer room, everything would one day bear fruits.  This promise is only for those who has put his trust and faith in God and begins the day with God. 



The above scripture talks about Mordecai, who saved the king from the hands of two murderers; however, he received no rewards or recognition immediately for his work, but one day the king could not sleep so he digs into the records and finds out the truth.  The very next day Mordecai was honored, he wore the clothes worn by the king, sat on a horse ridden by the king and a royal crown was set on his head.  God would see to it that you are rewarded!  You don’t have to remind anybody or send reminder notes, God has got you on His mind.  Anybody listening?



In the year 2011, I would cook food for 6 children, carry the bag myself and walk to my school, people wondered what was this educated woman doing with rag picker kids?  I taught the children telugu as I kept learning myself, I put them to sleep in the afternoon and send them home with prayer in the evening.  Is anybody watching my efforts I wondered?  There were days of frustration and exhaustion; nevertheless, the proof of God’s goodness was revealed in the year 2013 when we received permit from the Government, as we distributed text and note books, eventually when the school received Government recognition, everybody acknowledged my pain, agony and hard work invested for ABIDE SCHOOL (HERE to view pics of our school), today my family has also joined me in this mission.









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