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Godly walk
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Godly walk
"I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, entreat you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called,.." Ephesians 4:1
So, do you think it's all over once you raise your hands and accept Jesus Christ into your life? Or do you think it's all over with taking a dip in the water baptism tank?  Or do you think it's all over with just being born into a Christian home? Or do you think it's all over with just paying your tithes and attending church? There are some who attend prayer meetings the whole week, yet live like devils (yes, you heard me right - devils) in their personal lives.  
We have orientation classes, training classes, fresher's classes and plethora of teachings in the secular world in order to train you in whatever area you may be functioning but we see no such thing in the body of Christ- in fact, people feel they don't need training even to serve Him.  All the Christians want today is basket full of blessings without any thought to grow in Christ! All we hear is: prosperity, miracles, money etc., We seldom hear about walking in a manner worthy of our calling.  Did you know there is sacrifice involved if you decide to walk in His way?  
I was returning after hard ministry in a village, tired, depleted and bushed out I was rushing to sit near the window seat reserved for me so that I get some fresh air.  I had hardly settled into my seat when someone close to me whispered, 'can you allow this person to sit near the window because his legs hurt?'. This particular person was an aged man and looked sick, I got up and gave the seat though reluctantly.  I will never forget what happened after that, the rest of my life, the elderly man said, ' madam, when you entered the compartment, I saw the cross on your neck, I knew you were a Christian so I was confident that you would give me the seat because Christians are always very loving.'  I was shocked and I felt I should pray for more love in my heart so that I don't give the seat grudgingly but happily.  Anybody listening?  
Living in a selfish world, such teachings of love and kindness is outlandish and weird, isn't it?  We watch wicked fights for car parking space, people jumping queues, ignoring instructions of order and there is chaos!  I witnessed the most horrific scene inside an auditorium where around 300 Christian women were seated after 30 days Bible training classes.  A group of women were loudly arguing over front seat occupation while a few women were slyly stealing the seats that were reserved by others.  I also found some women near the kitchen gossip about the organisers of the camp after eating their food for 30 days.  This was most obnoxious! Alas! Overall a group of women were returning home empty, despite spending money to travel for the meeting! Afterall after the teachings, it was the job of the students to walk in it.  Is anybody getting what I said today?
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