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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018

Psalm 144:2 “He is my loving God and my fortress……..who subdues people under me.”
What makes me tick and what motivates me is when I hear God whisper through His Word!  I pray God would speak to you too!  These are just not bunch of words but spirit-filled! The above scripture should answer people who feel  inferior, insignificant, small, unworthy and unfitting.
Leadership is powerless, impotent and ineffective if  one cannot bring submission.  Anybody listening?. You cannot roll your eyes, stomp your feet, flex your muscles and grind your teeth to bring obedience , that’s carnal but the power of God in you would bring amazing response.  This should empower a team leader today or people in some kind of leadership role, circulate to your colleagues and friends who would be blessed by this word today – this is actually empowerment teaching.  Well, God lifts a shepherd boy to the position of king because God saw the potential inside David, he was a warrior!  Glory to Jesus!  More of God in you would make you excel in this competitive, ruthless, ambitious driven world.  I hear people say, ‘my family does not respect me, my children do not obey me, my team members ignore me, my colleagues belittle me, my husband does not appreciate me and so on’; well the core need here is anointing and more of God.  I can hear someone say, ’come on sis, you finally bring it to this point.’ Oh yes, everything revolves around Him! Because David keeps praising Him all day and clings to God, He in turn subdues people under David.  Did you see that?  It is God who makes people respect and obey and submit to you, anybody listening?  You cannot ignore God, church, Bible and expect to be a success!
When I started Abide School that has around 100 children and Abide Angel Home that provides free boarding for poor children, I was alarmed and dumbfounded at the responsibility of subduing such children; however, gradually I understood only the power of God can deal with such children.  I would spend minimum couple of hours in prayer and Bible reading in the morning, before I enter my school gate and also we have prayer during the day in our school.  My daughter when she joined our school to help me, was initially shocked to see the instant obedience and fear that the students had towards me, God helps you in your work, it is God that made the students obey me.  Glory to Jesus! 
Get into your prayer closet for empowerment, instead of trusting on worldly accessories!
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