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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Shame to praise
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018


And I will save the lame
    and gather the outcast,
and I will change their shame into praise
    and renown in all the earth. (Zephaniah 3:19)

Thank God I’m typing this message on my laptop, if I was either sharing on video or from the pulpit, I would not be able to hold my tears.  His presence just fills me as I type this, I know it’s going to heal many people today…….I can feel it……

God looks at His people who had gone through some tough seasons ( some things you just can’t even articulate) and said, ‘I will change your shame to praise!’ This is prophetic!  If you had been praying, fasting and waiting on God, then this is direct voice from the throne of God.  Listen, listen…listen….look at the levels that God is talking about,, stay with me as I explain this.  There is one season in your life when you go from one step to another, there comes a ‘blooming and booming season’ in your life after a long waiting period, when you don’t go step by step but he takes you Z-O-O-OM on the elevator.  Claps hands for God! Feel what I feel, will you?

God says, I will change your shame to praise!  Let me expound this: the period of ‘shame’ is essential and inevitable for you to get to the ‘praise’ season! For those of you who do not know my testimony, let me tell you just this small portion which is essential for today’s message, in the year 2004 January, I resigned my officer cadre job with a multinational bank(top bank in Asia)  to join full time work for the Lord, I also invested my PF and other cash that I received into other ministries and we started our life with ‘zero’ balance, my husband Samson stood with me in this, (Click MY TESTIMONY to read the entire testimony) However, life was not cool and hunky-dory though, there came a period in my life, when I did not have a proper watch to wear, no proper clothes and bare necessities were lacking.  I remember preaching in a particular church and I was half hour past the time allotted for me because my watch stopped.  I travelled with a five rupee coin in my bag from one city to another hoping to survive with the offering that I might receive once I reach the city.  (thankfully somebody came to pick me up).  So what do you think would be my reaction  to the Lord?  I fought with HIM every time I got alone with Him , I cried, I rolled, I did all the drama inside the prayer closet, wiped my tears and came out.  I speak from nearly two decades of my close walk with God, we got to endure that ‘SHAME’ season, anybody listening?  Now, God did not bring us from shame to next step, next step and next step……HIS WAYS ARE DIFFERENT….zooooom..He would take us to the PRAISE LEVEL.   I did not apply for the ‘Principal’ position that I hold now – it came in the elevator from heaven.   

Whatever may be that you are going through today…just….grind your teeth and go through it…let me tell you, God is there right there with you!
God bless you

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