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False crowd
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Sep 30, 2018

False crowd


Psalms 60:11”O give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain.”


No crowd is better than fake crowd! Go through the dark period alone and learn the lessons rather than settle with the wrong people.  Is it making sense for anybody?  Someone who has gone through deep darkness will surely understand me; okay let me expound this for you.


I went to meet an elderly couple who were staying alone because their children were all over the world either studying or working.  While I was at their home, their son spoke to me on the mobile and said, ‘sister, I am here alone in this country like in the wilderness; however, I have got close to God like never before.”  He was in one of the opulent country in the world, yet he called it a wilderness; however, in that loneliness, he met God. Now, if he had taken in a bunch of worldly friends with him to combat loneliness then he would have never found God.  I am sure it is crystal clear now!  Let God be your only support and dependence!  Are you listening?


Many of you have sabotaged growth because of fear,  angst and doubts, let me explain.  While going to school or college, parents trail their children morning and evening and thereby kill their confident spirit, such children can never make it in today’s corporate world which is infested with sharks and crocodiles.  Somebody needs to learn this lesson today.  While 5 months pregnant with my second baby, multiple complications, with no assurance of safe delivery or my baby even being born alive, I was brought home in a stretcher from the hospital.  Fear, loneliness and doubts were killing me, I got bitter with people who could not come; it is during this period my JESUS walked into my life.  Now you know why I cling so close to Him like a glue stick because God allowed me to experience that ‘dark period’ without any outside support and pampering so that today I will be able to loudly tell y’all JESUS IS ENOUGH, the ‘outside help’ was stopped by God, so there was no need of pointing fingers, blaming or bitterness – Jesus settles everything. (Click HERE for my full testimony)


Be it ministry growth, church growth, new meeting, new business, new project, marriage, new relationship, new born infant…whatever, do not fear the teething problems that is normal in its early stages….go through the process until God takes you to victory.  Hurray!

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