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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Sep 21, 2018


Romans 11:14 “….if somehow I might move to jealousy my fellow countrymen and save some of them.”

With tears brimming my eyes, I write this stuff, the so called ‘Principal’ job that I do now, is not as cute as the pics depict – it demands ruthless discipline, determination and wisdom which in turn drains you to the core.  Just this morning, I had to send a messenger to drag a student from his home who feigned sickness, he is one of the 5 children of two sisters, who all study in our school.  While one sister is a widow, the other one is divorced, therefore the children have grown up without father: unruly, careless, extremely naughty and downright pampered by the single mothers; having lost their husbands, the moms tend to spoil the kids by clinging on to them for love.   Besides the children, I also have the additional task of pulling up the parents as well, without God and His word, I would have gone bonkers by now.

Slothful people will never understand my heart, as I write this portion, I think of David Livingston who left England to travel to Africa to share the Gospel to the lost.  At a place called Mabotsa in Africa which was infested with lions, Livingstone was attacked by a lion when he went to save the villagers, his left hand was torn away by the lion; however he survived the attack, extremely ill for weeks…it is hard to imagine the agony he must have suffered without anaesthetic and without the help of another doctor. He had to supervise the setting of the badly splintered arm himself.  Nevertheless he made an astoundingly fast recovery and within months was working cautiously again. 

I have a small handbook about David Livingston tucked inside my bureau, each time I open my bureau, my eyes fall on the book and the man inside the book that reminds me ‘the purpose of my life.’  Is anybody listening to me?  If you are planning vigorously to spend your next salary on an exciting vacation and your focus is on spending and splurging, this message would be ‘sheer nonsense’ but I write for the few who have a burden for the lost souls.  I have forgotten the word ‘vacation’ because my mind is fixed on my vocation(calling)!  Why do you look at your colleagues with contempt, may be you have been brought into that office for a greater purpose of spreading light than just ‘salary and merry’! Anybody there?

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