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Jammed the wheels
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Sunday, Sep 16, 2018

Jammed the wheels

Exodus 14:25”The Lord jammed the wheels of their chariots so that they had difficulty driving….”(NIV)

C’mon say with me, ‘The Lord will jam the wheel of my enemy’, Amen.  What makes you think that new beginnings would be always calm and groovy? The birth sometimes starts with pain, confusion and angst, read on for a powerful word saturated with godly wisdom.  

I tell you, I’m excited about writing this piece, when the 600 strong chariots of Pharaoh chased the poor Israelites who were caught between Rea sea and Pharaoh, the Lord awesomely swerved the wheels of the chariots so that they had difficulty in driving them, so they said, “let us flee away from the Israelites for the LORD is fighting for them against the Egyptians." Wow, the world should look at us and say that, your neighbors should look at you and say that, your colleagues should say that, your friends should say that, your relatives should say that….Amen” Instead we take our double-barrel gun to shoot at people and take revenge, leave it to God to settle issues.  There’s a learning right here for you today.  Are you listening?

Hey, may be you ask, how can this happen? How would God deal with this complicated matter? Leave it in God’s Hands without such questions, He would do it brilliantly, let me share an awesome testimony here, you hear a lot about ABIDE SCHOOL, free school for the poor, today let me tell you about ABIDE ANGEL HOME (click HERE for pics), free shelter for the poor with boarding, education, food, clothes and all other essentials.  Do you think it is easy to bring the abandoned children into our hostel, not at all: the single parent hold on to them, grandparents refuse to send them or children refuse; a couple of children who were beaten by the elders of the family and severely mentally tortured were unable to leave join our Home, I did talk to them but they hesitated, with that I left the matter – but God did not leave the matter, though.  Hurray! God is working on your problems too, stay encouraged today.  Confusion, fights and quarrels started in the family and the children were beaten as usual, that same night the mother joined her daughter into our ABIDE ANGEL HOME, here she wakes up early in the morning at 5 am for prayer and Bible reading, studies well and lives a peaceful life.  Relax, God knows how to tackle the chariots that look strong in your eyes! God would JAM their wheels!


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