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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
Pouring of oil
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Sep 06, 2018

Pouring of oil
Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.” (1 Sam. 16:13).
Observe this, David was annointed in the midst of his brothers, not a drop on the forehead but a horn of oil was poured on David,  but did they ever understand something special has been done?  The Bible goes on to say, 'the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.  This is awesome but not many identify the anointing, are you listening?
Some of you are struggling for not being recognised, appreciated and used but let me tell you,  when God recruits you, for His work, you become a terror for the devil, so get ready for what follows:
People (very close) stop talking to you
Family misunderstand you
Friends distance from you
You are hated, ignored and mocked
I wondered, 'just when I decided to walk right, why have I become the bad girl for everyone!'. I went nuts, would have gone insane if not for God.   The 'pouring' happens so that God captures your heart, when the overflow happens, God wants us to pour it out into the lives of people.  Never for a moment think that the pouring of oil on your head is for personal exhibition of ambition....no......no........the world out there needs this kind of anointing to be saved.
Even if I have to recruit one child into our free hostel, Abide Angel Home, all hell breaks loose, without the oil of the Holy Spirit, I can never do this work.
God bless you!
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