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My fortitude
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Aug 27, 2018

HE IS your fortitude!
2 Timothy 2:1” You therefore….be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”
I was rummaging the box for a headache pill, while I was looking for that, I felt the pain in my abdomen just going up a bit; I guess the recent hectic schedule of Abide School reopening after holidays, new admissions, inauguration of our new branch of Abide School, relocation of our Shiloh Revival Church to a new area has all taken toll on my health! Well, in the midst of it all, I opened the Bible and delved into my  daily portion of my Bible reading, it was the book of Timothy.  
Look what I read! 2 Timothy 2:1” You therefore….be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus.”  Can God be louder than this? I sat straight and started reading it over and over again.  I thought pain killers will give me relief but I found something more gorgeous – be strengthened by the grace in Christ.  This is not available in any medical stores or shopping malls but you get this in the Bible.  I thank God I opened the Bible to read so that I found this divine pill!
Friend, I’m sure this message would be like a soothing balm that would comfort your tired soul and body, it did for me and it would do for you too! Coming back to the scripture reading portion, when you are connected to a leader like Apostle Paul, he would never say take an appointment and meet the best doctor but he would surely lead you to the Healer.  Amen.  When I am tired or extremely exhausted, my children look at me weirdly as though to ask, ‘now, why are you shouldering so many things?’  Actually, I type this devotion at 4.30 pm in the evening, after all the running around from morning, (when I should be relaxing) I just dashed to my laptop to communicate to you guys. Gee,  hot revelations should be passed on instantly! Paul tells Timothy, “join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God..” (2 Tim 1:8) Be a soldier, teach and train others which are no small tasks, while we stagger at the enormity of the situation, Jesus does not leave you there alone, but He walks in and tells you, ‘be strengthened by the grace that is in me!”  Boy! What a Word! 
Be of good cheer!
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