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Carrying the dead body
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Aug 10, 2018

Carrying the dead body

2 King 4:21 “She went up and laid him on the bed of the man of God, and shut the door behind him and went out.”

When you have to take a leap of faith, you got to do this alone!  Are you listening?  Nobody would come with you! It doesn’t make sense to them anyway….and …I watched something more…people leave you the moment you prepare to take a giant step of faith, they would come with you to weep over the ‘dead body’ ( for instance, there was great crowd at Jairus house when his daughter died) but the moment you prepare yourself to bring life to a dead body then people back out, they talk behind your back and frustrate you to the extent – you want to give up, but today I write that you must stand firm. 

Listen, this is no time to look for support, God has promised His presence anyway.  Imagine the Shunammite woman carrying her ‘dead son’ on her shoulders all by herself to Elisha’s room and lay him on Elisha’s bed , she did not tell the news of her son’s death to even her husband but when he questions her motive behind her visit to Elisha, she replied, ‘All is well!”  I wonder, am I worthy to write this portion of  such mind-boggling courage; however this comes through intimate relationship with God!  During our family prayer this morning, we were meditating on this scripture, my husband shared his thoughts and said, ‘it was the Shunammite woman who took the first initiative to serve food to Elisha and she spoke to her husband to build a separate chamber for Elisha; therefore, she seems to have more spiritual understanding, so she handled affairs prudently, she did not even break the news to Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, but went straight to Elisha and fell at his feet.  Go to the right person, because when you’re in a vulnerable state with loss, affliction and pain, there is all possibility for the devil to deceive you.  

Do we have this spiritual maturity to shut our mouth when things all around us are shaking?  Not many would understand the giant faith of carrying a dead body on the shoulders though,  she was focused on the job of getting her son back, the other stuff doesn’t matter anyway, are you listening?

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