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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Friday, Aug 10, 2018


Psalm 57:2”…..God who performs all things for me.”

God is just not a talker but He is a performer of whatever He promised!  Are you listening?  During a train journey, my husband was carrying all the copies for identification details and all the other necessary stuff for travel, I immediately asked him about my daughter, ‘did she not carry any documents for proof of identification?’ he replied, she came swinging her hands because she was traveling with her dad. Having been carted all her life around by her dad, she felt safe and easy with him. She was on a cool trip with her dad! It is so with our Heavenly dad, we don’t have to worry and carry cart-load of materials for tomorrow, He would take care of us. Would He not? Relax! Trapped in retirement plan, savings plan and insurance plan – alas, we have missed God’s plan!

Let me share something hilarious with you, when I decided to quit my joy and join full time ministry, I did something crazy which I thought at that time was wise. I bought around ten sarees as stock for my use - just in case I may not be able to buy clothes later. During the following years, I experienced His love and provision and now I know, ‘He performs all things for me!’

This message would be weird in today’s society that is running crazy to amass as much wealth as possible. The home is jam-packed with huge fridge, computers, dish washers, clothes washers, coolers and what not and finally we have pushed God outside. Are you hearing me? There is no room for God! I remember an old nun, who was my principal at school, when she visited my home, after going around my apartment, she asked, ‘where is your prayer room?’ I had none though. Not just the room, but I had no place in my heart also for Him then; I was so distracted with worldly toys. It was in that home that after a couple of years, I was brought home in an ambulance, five months pregnant and with all doctors given up hope on me. It was now in that deteriorated state of health, that I met my Savior in that very home, which later turned into a ‘prayer house’ and made me a servant of God.

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