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Worship Jesus Ministries Trust Presents
God’s fury on the idols
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Monday, Aug 06, 2018

God’s fury on the idols!  

Numbers 33:3“………Also on their gods the LORD had executed judgments.”

My eyes caught the above words in the Bible squeezed in between the scripture: ‘also on their gods the Lord had executed judgments!’  I shuddered as I compared it to the tragedy of ‘Himalayan Tsunami’ in India, June 2013, over 70,000 people were stuck in various regions because of damaged or blocked roads and more than 5700 were presumed dead. The Hindu newspaper mentioned ‘what happened to the Abode of gods?’ The idols today in India and many other parts of the world are growing alarmingly taller, wider and heavier with strong tinge of vibrant colors during festival seasons.  It’s time we pray harder for the salvation of the lost!  Through this devotion I also plead people who have come out of idol worship to pray with burden for the salvation of your loved ones, idol worship is the greatest abomination to the Lord, read:
Leviticus 26:1 'You shall not make idols for yourselves; neither a carved image nor a sacred pillar shall you rear up for yourselves; nor shall you set up an engraved stone in your land, to bow down to it; for I am the LORD your God.’

Deuteronomy 32:16”They have provoked Me to jealousy by what is not God; They have moved Me to anger by their foolish idols.”

It's time the Church became more vocal about the evil of idol worship and everything connected with it. Recently when I asked a Christian girl married to a hindu Brahmin about their marriage, she nonchalantly replied,’ we are more secular than spiritual.’  This is disobedience to God!  It would sure bring curses!  Read: “Cursed is the one who makes a carved or molded image, an abomination to the LORD, the work of the hands of the craftsman, and sets it up in secret.” (Deuteronomy 27:15”

The reason why many new Christian converts make a mistake of hanging on with idols, is because of their lack of knowledge of the Bible.  The moment you get out of the baptism tank, you need to get into the WORD tank and do what the Lord says.  Emotional statements and verbal worship would not suffice, the Bible says, ‘surrender yourself as a living sacrifice’ (check out Romans 12:1,2)  Jesus makes a ‘big asking’ from each one of us, He has categorically said: Deuteronomy 6: 4, 5  “The LORD our God, the LORD is one! You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” What does this mean? No matter what, we need to love Him with all our strength! He commands us not to walk on a bed of roses, but to carry the cross as His disciple and follow Him.  He words are crystal clear!  If you have accepted Jesus and still married a person worshiping idols, then you have disobeyed His Word, read this:  Deuteronomy 7:3,4 ‘Nor shall you make marriages with them. You shall not give your daughter to their son, nor take their daughter for your son. For they will turn your sons away from following Me, to serve other gods; so the anger of the LORD will be aroused against you and destroy you suddenly.’

If you have failed to read His Word, you have failed to worship Him.  ‘My people suffer because of lack of knowledge’, said the Lord. (Hosea 4:6)

Psalms 106:36 “They served their idols, Which became a snare to them.”

Ezekiel 20:7 ‘The LORD SAID: 'Each of you, throw away the abominations which are before his eyes, and do not defile yourselves with d idols. I am the LORD your God.'

Let’s read the Word properly and live a holy life!


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