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Manipulation spirit
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Thursday, Jun 28, 2018

Manipulation Spirit

Genesis 12:13"Please say that you are my sister so that it may go well with me because of you, and that I may live on account of you."

Many families and individuals have fallen prey to this conniving spirit, when does a person fall into this web? When a person fails to trust God wholeheartedly, when he is fearful, self-dependent and  conceited  to do things in his own way, this manipulation tool is used.  A man like Abraham who unconditionally left his own town and people to follow and obey God’s voice, falling prey to manipulation and deceitful spirit is simply confusing and perplexing; however, today let me briefly explain and give you few ‘red flags or warnings’,  so that you identify the areas where you have fallen and debug your life today.

Let me start with me today, initially while we were running around in the new city for  sanctions and approvals for our hundred percent free Abide School that we started for the poor and abandoned kids, we would put on a pathetic face and tell officials, ‘we are running for the poor, completely free, we’re having problems for funds’ so please help us with sanctions.  Instead of being pitied, people gave us nasty looks, so as to say, ‘ so what do I, that’s your call’.  We later understood that instead of trusting God fully for the running of the ministry and meeting our requirements, we were saluting the wrong people.  Anybody listening? Put yourself in my position and see where all you have gone wrong.  Women, who manipulate their supervisors and bosses with lust and other favors for promotions are no better than harlots, when we overlook God then we lose our dignity.  Having learnt our lesson, today, we walk with chins held high and endure sufferings, if we have to go in that path , but never trust men for favors.  When we walk this way, we receive admiration and respect instead of disgust. (Click ABIDE SCHOOL BUILDING to view )

Coming back to Abraham, intimidated by Egypt and the huge pagans there, Abraham got scared for his life and called his own wife as his sister; however, God with mercy saved His servant.  Also when a person is trying to cheat and manipulate you into falling into his ideas and ways, let his behavior raise a red flag, so stay away from such evil forces, don’t trust your life with such people.

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