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Crazy prayer
devotion by Sis. Bala Samson
Wednesday, Jun 13, 2018

Crazy prayer

Hosea 7:14”And they do not cry to Me from their heart When they wail on their beds..”

God talks about shallow relationship here!  Can you feel the pain in the heart of God when He says, ‘my children wail but not to me though’, isn’t that right?  Where do you run when calamity strikes? Google? Whatsup? Best doctor? Tell me.  God wants His children to run to Him.  Did we not read about Hannah who had everything but a child of her own?  God knows what to withhold in order to draw His children towards Him, are you hearing me?  Hannah gets fed up of looking at her husband and weeping at the walls, she gets up (from everything that had hindered her thus far) and gets into the presence of God and pours out at His feet, I mean she weeps and sobs until people thought she was crazy, God desires that kind of ‘crazy prayer’.  We send a ‘flying kiss’ to God and expect Him to part the red sea in our life, but God is looking for crazy prayer.  Someone needs this today!

We had some urgent commitments in our ministry, if God did not send funds, we had to close that particular project, something we love doing, which we know is adorable for us and God. The day before the ‘deadline for payment’, I prayed (my husband and children too) , prayed, wept, confessed, stayed awake during the night, wee-hour prayer and what not – I prayed until I dropped.  The next day, in the morning, we received the necessary amount to clear the dues! Oh! Relief! However, I learnt a lesson after walking approximately two decades with God that He expects ‘this kind of CRAZY PRAYER!’  Though thoroughly bushed out, we saved the project! Hurray! Have you prayed like this to save your family, husband, wife, job, children, dream, vision etc?

God is fed up of half-hearted love, half-hearted prayer, half-hearted Christian life – He wants you to get hot for Him.  Many attend our camps, meetings and many read my devotions daily too but how many of you have taken strong resolutions to stay HOT for God.  Can you see fumes coming out ? Yes, that’s exactly coming out from my HOT love for God….no devil dare can douse that……….

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