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    News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai


This is our fourth year of conducting this 'dream camp' !  The theme of the camp was 'Spiritual transformation!'  The sermons preached on all the three days of the camp have been written under the title 'PUT OFF AND PUT ON' and will be uploaded on our website shortly as an ebook for free download.

The most outstanding event of the camp was the 'chain prayer' that was held on May 2nd and May3rd, where the fumes of prayer emitted the whole night.  Though the participants were asked only to pray for half hour and then to be continued with the next prayer warrior, yet many were seen praying throughout the night.  Songs, prayer and tears filled the main auditorium as we watched the glory of God with awe!  We have been praying for this anointing for one whole year and God answered our prayer!  Amen.

Many pastors participated in the three days camp and carried the anointing to their place of ministry.  Let me share a few testimonies:

  • 7 congregation members of one particular church took water baptism the very next day after the camp. 
  • One particular Pastor was so filled with God's power that he visited the homes of all his church members and one particular man was delivered from the clutches of satan. 
  • Convinced through the message, a young man deleted all the pirated software from his computer immediately.
  • Two ladies immediately conducted 'Bible summer camp for kids' for the deprived kids of their area.

I keep receiving testimonies every day.....I give Him all the glory and praise!

For a breathing space, we had kids and youth giving us colorful programs of dance and skits.  They were simply superb!  Every event had a spiritual message!

The celebration was not without trials though; political disturbances with the arrest of senior party leaders ( on the dates of the 'fire camp') in Tamil Nadu state, affected the transport and the attendance of the meeting did suffer; nevertheless, God blessed our meeting.


Plan to be with us in our next camp!


Bala Samson



View / Download:  Put off and put on final.pdf

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai

News of AIC fire camp held from May 2-4 -2013 in Chennai
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